Application: foretag
Error: java.lang.IllegalStateException exception
java.lang.IllegalStateException: An Exception occurred while generating the Exception page 'WOExceptionPage'. This is most likely due to an error in 'WOExceptionPage' itself or WebObjects encountered an uncaught exception while creating a Session object.

Below are the logs of the original Exception which occured in se.timeoff.webpages.Application, then the later Exception in WOExceptionPage.

Original Exception:
<$UnknownKeyException message '<se.timeoff.webpages.model.ContentPart 0x48cdc166> valueForKey(): lookup of unknown key: 'isApiMarkup'.
This class does not have an instance variable of the name isApiMarkup or _isApiMarkup, nor a method of the name isApiMarkup, _isApiMarkup, getIsApiMarkup, or _getIsApiMarkup' object '<se.timeoff.webpages.model.ContentPart pk:"0000d98e9c09000007d289030000014af2cd29f6769cfb78">' key 'isApiMarkup'>

WOExceptionPage Exception:
java.lang.IllegalStateException: <se.timeoff.webpages.ModRewriteWOHyperlink> Both 'actionClass' and 'directActionName' are either absent or evaluated to null. Cannot generate dynamic url without an actionClass or directActionName.